Numerous times in the course of a year it is asked of me, “why do we need a professional officiant?”  And, certainly, with all the expenses involved in a wedding, it is easy to understand why couples might want to find a way to save money.  But is having a family member or friend act as your officiant the best way?

For your wedding, you can get by without many things, but the one thing you do need is a ceremony.  The ceremony is the focal point of your day – it is not a wedding without the ceremony.  And, yes, you can have a friend, a relative or your college roommate obtain an on-line ordination and chance that she or he will do it right.  Then again, would you trust someone who has never done it before to cater your wedding?  To make your bouquets and corsages?   To bake your wedding cake?

Ask a venue coordinator how that typically works out.  Ask how well the rehearsal goes, or who answers questions about completing the marriage license.

Every professional had a “first time.”  It has been many years since my first wedding, and I have learned much in those years.  Now, with hundreds of weddings completed, I have the confidence that I can continue to make each ceremony special, and memorable.

Yes, it costs more to have a professional officiate at your wedding, but you will have a memorable ceremony and it will be a reflection of who you are and it will be what you want.

If you have any questions, or comments, please feel free to contact me:  e-mail address:  Rev. Sweeney